Live Videos and Updates!

Hello Knuckleheads!

On 9/1/18, Feels Like Media filmed FKF and drummer Timothy "BB" Webber live, on the patio, at Amigos, Portland, ME. This was a long time coming and FLM captured the chaotic raw energy of our performance. There's a total of five videos. "No Love" is on the website, YouTube and Facebook. FKF is playing a fretless slide guitar, with an octave bass string. Fretless slide cigar box guitar. Fretted slide baritone cigar box guitar. Shovelcaster aka 3 string slide shovel guitar. And fretless slide cigar box guitar with octave bass string.

What is a fretless slide guitar with an octave bass string? I'm glad you asked. FKF doubles his low guitar string, with a bass string an octave lower, so it thickens the sound and gives the illusion of a bass player in a duo format. So, check out "No Love" , subscribe to FKF's Youtube page (link on website) and be ready for the next video release.

Also, FKF just finished recording his solo American Primitive tour de force. Over 60 minutes of solo acoustic guitar music on a National M1 Tricone Baritone Guitar. The most haunting and beautiful guitar in the world. This has been a work in progress for a very long time. Sample videos will be released on instagram. CD Release some time in the new year.