SOLO: Hauntingly beautiful. DUO: I thought it was a full band playing.”


Fat Knuckle Freddy is not your typical artist as he has a split musical personality.

Personality One is as a solo guitarist playing acoustic guitar, specifically a National M1 Baritone Tricone, and cigar box guitars in the style of American Primitive, which was coined by the late John Fahey. The music is intimate while being "hauntingly beautiful" at the same time. FKF uses a slide to obtain the true primitive sound while incorporating influences from classical composers.

Personality Two is a singer and slide guitarist playing fretless and cigar box guitars with a drummer. The duo is a cross between rock -n- roll and blues known as Graveyard Blues or Demon Crossroad Blues. FKF's fretless guitars are unique as they have a bass string added to the open tuning, which fills out the duo's sound and gives the illusion of a bass player. The influences for the duo are Mississippi Fred McDowell, Hound Dog Taylor and The House Rockers, RL Burnside, John Lee Hooker and Black Sabbath. The duo is known for playing three hour sets without a break. They are the bastard sons of Hound Dog Taylor and Black Sabbath.

Fat Knuckle Freddy's split personalities do not play together. They require different venues and settings.


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