New album Diabulous Ambientium is now available on Bandcamp.

Sonic soundscapes incorporating Frippertronics and Ligeti Sonic Nets.

What are Frippertronics? It's a delay style coined by Robert Fripp and was invented by composer Terry Riley. It originally had two tape decks linked together to create a record and playback delay of about 6-8seconds long. The original loops would fade away. I used a Pigtronix Infinity 2 Looper to mimic that kind of tape delay. The Infinity 2 has a decay knob in which loops fade away while recording. It's pretty awesome as the music constantly morphs and evolves.

Another big influence for this album is composer Gyorgy Ligeti. Ligeti created sonic nets with instruments playing note clusters at various rhythms and microtonal pitches. Check out his composition Atmospheres.

I used a fretless, sustainer guitar, specifically a Hamer Sustainiac from the 1990's. The music is composed in 72ET, 72 notes to an octave. The fretless guitar gives me the ability to play those notes and I also used a slide. The system of 72ET I used was invented by Boston composer Ezra Sims. It was taught to me by Joseph Gabriel Maneri at New England Conservatory in the late 1980"s.

Go to the link below to check out this wonderful new album.